How to make WFH work for you, fashionably.

We know this article may not find you as well as we would like but it’s time to go back to work again, chile. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people have transitioned to working from home (WFH). This is a new reality that a lot of us have had to come to terms with. WFH can be very challenging so we’re here to give you some tips to make it work better for you.

Create a space for yourself to work - Working on your bed or in front of the TV won’t work, no matter how much you convince yourself it will. Create a comfortable space for you to work so that it will be easy for you to work. 

Get dressed - Stop complaining about having to switch your camera on during Zoom meeting, just because you’re not dressed appropriately. Whether you are in sweats or any other form of loungewear - get dressed girl! 

Establish a work uniform - Establishing a uniform that is both chic and comfortable will ensure that you are always ready for those impromptu work video check ins. Having a uniform will also help in creating a routine.

Prioritise personal hygiene - Getting dressed means that you have to prioritise your personal hygiene. Staying indoors doesn’t mean neglecting your personal hygiene. Take a shower, put on some perfume and look cute. 

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