Taking it back to the 2000s

We all know that fashion is a cycle and it recycles itself every few years. We’ve lived through the return of bell bottom pants, flare leg jeans, high-waisted swimsuits from the 1940s and now, we’re going back to the 2000s. 

From velour tracksuits to baguette jeans, the 2000s are definitely making a comeback and some of the trends that are coming back - we love to hate!

These are some of the 00’s trends that are making a comeback & the girlies have welcomed them with open arms: 

1. Visible tong/ g-string styled pants : The 2000s were about showing hip bones and the full tummy so low rise pants were the order of the day. The lower the pants, the better so it’s made sense for the underwear line to show. And if the underwear line was showing it had to be as fabulous and fashionable as possible, chile.

We’re loving the reinvention of this trend to accommodate the current day ( *whispers* what we really want to accommodate is our fupas) with the style coming back in the form of tie-detail pants. Get in trend and shop our tie-detail pants. 

2. Velour tracksuits : a cute velour tracksuit was what all the girlies were wearing in the 2000s from Paris Hilton to JLO. Were you even THAT GIRL, if you didn’t have a velour tracksuit? 

Baby Phat had all the fashion girls pressed and with the brand making a comeback, it’s no surprise that the velour tracksuit is also making a comeback. Looking for a velour tracksuit to get your ‘Paris Hilton’ on … look no further, we’ve got you!

3. Baguette bags : We know you’ve played dress up when you were younger and used your mom’s baguette bag to complete the outfit. The trend is one that we can’t happy but be nostalgic towards and kick ourselves for not saving the bags when our moms cleared their closets. It’s the perfect bag for everyday wear and for a cute brunch date.

4.Wide- leg jeans : Wide leg jeans are back! 

We can finally be released from the shackles of the skinny jeans, our ankles can breathe and those jean lines that you get after a long day of jean wearing are a thing of the past. 

5. Bucket hats : Say goodbye to bad hair days, bucket hats are here to save the day. Everywhere you go people are wearing bucket hats from the runway to the streets. The return of this trend is definitely GIVING and we’re here for it!

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