How to become “THAT” girl

You’ve probably seen the “That” girl trend all over social media and you might be wondering - what is it & how can you become that girl? 

“That” girl refers to becoming the best version of yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally. It has very little to do with early morning routines or getting a whole new wardrobe. It’s about creating habits and routines that will help to make you the BEST YOU.

First step to becoming “That” girl is defining who “That” girl is for you. This definition will differ from person to person, so it is important to define it for yourself. 

After you have made the definition, it’s time to write down your plan. Map out your plan from the timeline to the milestones. This will help you stay focus and to be able to track your journey. 

You’ve made the definition and jotted down your plan - now it’s time for implementation. Enough with the talking, let’s get to the action now. Implementation will be the hardest but if you have followed the previous steps properly … you will do just fine.

The last and final step is to pace yourself. Don’t rush and trust the process. Always remember that becoming “That” girl is on the other side of discipline and consistency.



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