It’s Tiiiiiiiiime!

Time for what? Time for party season, time to get festive? Yes, and yes, but most importantly, it’s time for Mariah Carey to shiiiiiiiiine.

December is known as the festive season, it’s the season to be jolly and jol’ around with your friends and family. But it’s also the time where Mariah makes the most amount of money.

During the year, Mariah is quiet and that’s probably because she’s resting her voice for all the high pitch singing she’ll be doing over this season. LOL! We’re just joking, but that makes sense, right? 👀

Did you know that she makes an estimated $2.6 million from “All I Want For Christmas Is You” EVERY Christmas? That’s about R44,243,856.80. Baby girl is really raking in that paper 😭 We don’t know about you, but that would also be enough reason for us to rest our voices during the rest of the year. 😅

To prove that she really owns the holidays, and she knows it; Mariah rushed to social media on 1 November to post a clip where she is seen riding a bike in her Halloween outfit and then transforms into her festive outfit as the calendar strikes 1 November. The transition is right on cue as her infamous Christmas carol starts with “it’s tiiiiiiiiime,” and then she laughs. Yep, laughing all the way to the bank, alright. 😅

Watch the video here:

We can’t hate on the girl though; the song is a certified Christmas banger, it never gets old!

Now the question holds, what time is it for you? We know that with us, it’s always time to shop Imprecca. 😅 

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