Little Miss has the 4-1-1

Did you login to Instagram, TikTok or Twitter recently and was flooded by an influx of Little Miss memes? Well, it turns out that the colourful emoji-like characters are from the British children’s book called Mr Men.

Mr Men creator, Roger Hargreaves

The illustrated book series began in 1971 and was written by Roger Hargreaves. It now has heaps of books, including a related spin-off called Little Miss plus an animated television series.

Each Mr. Men story introduces a new character who has a name based on their defining characteristic. For example, Mr. Stubborn is stubborn, bossy and arrogant. The characters have always made meme and corny t-shirt appearances, but around mid-July the 2D characters burst to life with the Little Miss trend on social media.

 Little Miss characters

The viral meme trend is now being used by social media users to share their “red flags.” At the time of publication, the hashtag had garnered 1.5 million views on TikTok and more than 402 000 posts on Instagram.

So, which Little Miss are you?

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