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Imprecca babes! Let’s talk about shopping on a budget. We all love clothes, don’t we? We love looking great and stylish but that comes with a lot of budgeting right!?We’re sharing our budget friendly shopping tips that can save you money in your pocket but still have you looking stylish and trendy.


4 Tips for Shopping Fashion on a Budget


1. Affordable fashion stores:

 Affordable fashion stores like Imprecca have your back! We sell trendy clothes at affordable prices, including seasonal staples like poloneck tops & loungewear. But we do also cater to the trend conscious customer with our high fashion pieces.


2 Shop SALES, but with purpose.

Sales can be great for budget shoppers, but they can also be a trap. It’s easy to buy something you don't want just because it's on sale. Instead, buy clothing because you love it; ask yourself if it will work with the rest of the items in your wardrobe.


3 Develop a capsule wardrobe.


If you spend most of your clothing budget on a few wardrobe essentials that will last for years, you can save money in the long run. These essentials should be quality items that you can style in many ways. When you learn how to style your capsule pieces, you can wear the same clothes over and over while still looking fresh.



4 Take care of your clothes.          


One of the best ways to avoid overspending on new clothes is to take care of the pieces you already own. To make clothes last longer, pay close attention to the wash care instructions on your items.


Shout out to girls shopping on a budget friendly way!


 Scroll through the Imprecca website for a wide variety of basic and fashionable items you can shop on a budget.









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