Nail Inspo For Spring

It’s a brand-new season, the birds are chirping, people are outside, and everything is looking bright and beautiful. 🤩 

There’s no date like a nail-date, it’s fun and it makes us feel good about ourselves. Plus, we love that sound nails make when we are clicking on our phones 🥴…and the hand gestures, girrrl! 😂

Since it’s a new season, we have put together some inspo for your next nail appointment to suit every Imprecca babe. Remember to tag us after your appointment, we’d love to see how you have “nailed it.” 🥰


Short and Sweet

For a busy bee who must have her nails done. These nails are short enough for you to carry out your daily tasks while still looking colourful. Mixing nude and colour will draw just the right amount of attention but not too much.

 Nude nails


Long nails, don’t care

Not everyone is a fan of long nails, but if you are then it’s only right that you get them in pink. I mean, what other colour would you want? 🙄

Pink nails 


Bring on the drama

For the ultimate baddie. These nails scream spring and hear us out, we are just here to guide and not judge because, look at them… 👀

Spring inspired nails


Nudes, nudes, nudes

No, we’re not talking about the ones you send to your boyfriend, we are talking about the ones he pays for. 🥴

Every girl must have a nude set occasionally, it’s mandatory. It’s super chic and nowadays nude nails don’t have to just be nude, but you can add a hint of colour to show how dynamic nude nails can be. What better time to do that than in spring?

Nude nails  


Here is more inspo for your next nail appointment:

A collage of different sets of nails

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