Our fave moments at Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour

Look around, everybody on mute…👀

Cause Beyonce just claimed the title for highest-grossing tour by a female artist, black artist and solo American act in HISTORY! 💃🏻

Some background info

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know that the original Queen B embarked on her concert run on 10 May 2023 and concluded it on 1 October 2023. The tour was called Renaissance, in support of her seventh studio album that was titled the same name and released in 2022. Night after night, social media would rave about her lavish outfits, start-studded guests, electrifying performances, Blue Ivy and everything else in between. We have summarised our fave moments from the tour below…

Numbers don’t lie

The tour was destined to make history when it broke ticket sale records worldwide. It became the seventh highest-grossing concert of all time, and the highest grossing tour ever by a female artist, achieving the two highest monthly tour-grosses in history. For her opening night in Sweden, she became the first female act and black artist to sell out two shows on a single show. The tour went on for 56 dates and earned over $579m (R11 195 312 400,00) in ticket sales and all 152 outfit changes were seen by more than 2.7m fans. Sheeesh!

"Mute challenge"

Any song that doesn’t trend on TikTok/IG, or even spark a challenge of some sort isn’t popular enough. The “mute challenge” was a stand out for everyone, and evolved into one of the most eagerly awaited highlights of every evening. It would occur during Beyonce’s performance of “Energy” where she would sing “look around everybody on mute” and the audience would literally have to go mute until she sings them back to life again. Alas, most places failed to achieve complete silence but if you’re asking us, New Orleans won! 💅

Star-studded Guests

Beyoncé isn’t just a celebrity; she’s a celeb’s celeb, an absolute icon! It’s no wonder every other celeb stepped out to show their love and support for her. We’re talking the likes of Cardi B, Kelly Rowland, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez, Brie Larson, Issa Rae, Sofia Vergara, Keke Palmer, Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Saweetie, LeBron James, Robin Thicke, Tyler Perry and many, many others.

Blue Ivy

It would be a crime to talk about this iconic tour and not mention Blue Ivy. From her first performance to her last one, she really proved that she is Beyonce’s daughter, moving and shaking what her mama gave her! She left the crowds in awe as they erupted in standing ovation for iconic dance performance to “My Power.”

All that glitters is Beyonce's Outfits

Beyoncé isn’t just the Queen B because of her singing, she is Queen B because she’s an icon in every sense of the word – from music to fashion. All of her outfits were a topic for conversation, a solid 10/10. From the Loewe bodysuits, mega-sized hats, sexy slits that that showed off her bawdy so effortlessly and bling that was absolutely mesmerizing…(takes a deep breathe), her fashion choices showcased her chameleon-like style, each night’s outfit was a testament to her iconic stage presence.


Now, what are we wearing to watch Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce in December? 😁

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