Come on Imprecca Babes, let’s go watch the Barbie movie.

As kids, many of us indulged in the joy of playing with Barbie dolls and living the vibrant and cheerful life of Barbie. And now, our childhood dream is going to be brought to life with the release of Barbie, the movie.

As much as we’ll take any reason to “go pink,” the other reason why we’re SOO obsessed with the release of this movie is because it isn’t just another “feel-good” movie, but it touches on issues like gender inequality, depression, and the objectification of women.

Starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, America Ferrera and many other familiar faces, the movie has been taking over the internet! Here are a few interesting things to know about our new fave movie:

1. “Barbie” is actually a nickname.

Known globally as Barbie, this fashion doll’s name is actually Barbara Millicent Roberts, and was launched on 9 March 1959 – the first doll to have womanly features.

2. Live out your Barbie dreams in the Barbie House.

You know how the Barbie doll sometimes came with the Barbie house? And since we’re getting a real-life look at Barbie, then it makes sense to have a real-life Barbie house too, right? RIGHT! The Malibu Barbie House is now available for rent by Airbnb. We know, you’re probably thinking, “If only this was in Clifton or Camps Bay.” Same girl, same. 😫

3. Pink Wednesdays.

In the spirit of Barbie, Margot made everyone on set wear pink on Wednesdays. And it is said that those who didn’t wear pink were fined. In true Barbie spirit, she collected the fines and donated the money to charity. Awww! 🥰

4. Margot debuts her singing.

We’ve loved Margot since her badassery in Suicide Squad. We know she’s the girl she thinks she it. But what we didn’t know is that she can also sing! In Barbie, she showcases her vocal abilities in a few songs along with Ryan, and you know what? That makes us want to see the movie even more! 🤌

5. Pink Passion

The production of the movie needed so much pink that the world ran out of it. Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Vice President of Global Marketing at Rosco (the company that makes the specific shade of pink), Lauren Proud said: “They used as much paint as we had. They cleaned us out on paint.”

Grab your fave pink outfit and channel your inner Barbie when you watch the movie. 

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