Staff Top Picks for the month

We asked our team, which Imprecca items are their favourite. What to know what they picked, keep reading. 

We’re not saying that these items are the hottest this month but we’re definitely saying our team members are the most stylish people we know … so we trust them. 

In the favourite picks was the Exposed Seams set ( the top & the skirt), the Oversized shirt in white and the sarong skirt. Our MD chose the Linen Cut-Out dress, the Mesh Marble Bodysuit and an all-time fave, our Boob tape. 

The creative team choose out Cargo jogger & Oversized pullover and the Oversized Shirt. Surprisingly, it was our Graphic Designer, who is a man, that had the best choices. He chose the Endless Summer Wrap Top and the Cloud Print Mesh Tie Detail Dress. 

Although his picks are giving last season, because we’re technically in Autumn now, it was a good choice nonetheless 

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