5 Modest Influencers that you should follow

It's currently Ramadan and Eid is just around the corner. We know you want to put your best foot forward, fashion-wise, this month so we have made a list of 5 modest Influencers that you should follow. 

1. Nabilah Kariem - @nabilahkariem

Nalibah is a modest digital content creator that has worked with the likes of Addidas, Woolworths and luxury brand, Coach. Her style gives you cool and chic. The quality of her content is superb and we love how she incorporates well-known brands to her style. 

2. Aqeelah Harron Ally - @fashionbreed

Aqeelah may be on maternity leave currently but her prior looks are still worthy of being on our saved folders. Cape Town based Digital creator Aqeelah is stylish and makes styling any item seem like a walk in the park. 

3. Nastar Abdulla - @nastrabdulla

Nastar is serving all of the monochrome looks that will dominate your AW22 wardrobe. She incorporates make-up and skincare in her content. She is also a photographer and graphic designer from Cape Town. 

4. Shaa'ista Kathree - @shaaista_kathree 

Durban based Digital creator Shaa'ista creates fashion and lifestyle content. Her fashion is laid back and chilled, perfect for the Durban climate. Follow her for chic and relatable content. 

5. Laila Salie - @lailasalie 

21 year old Cape Town content creator is daring in her style, she can be seen styling a cowboy hat in her content. She has a young, fresh perspective to modest fashion that we know you will love. 

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