The ultimate hot girl essentials during load shedding.

It’s that time again, load shedding is back in our lives. We have entered the on & off relationship with Eskom. Hot girl or not, your lights will go off and we need to be prepared - as prepared as we possibly can be, given the circumstances. Let’s find ways to deal with this situation, the hot girl way. Here are some tips and essentials that will make load shedding, a little bit better for you:

Download a Load shedding schedule app - EskomSePush

You know they say, success is preparation meets opportunity. We believe that this applies to surviving load shedding as well. The EskomSePush App allows you to select your zone or zones that you need to know the load shedding schedule for. Once you have selected the zones, they will send you notifications 30 minutes before load shedding in that zone begins. If you are prepared, you can plan your day properly and hopefully reduce the inconvenience of load shedding.

Buy the Wibox 

The Wibox is a device that allows you to connect to your WiFi, even during load shedding. This device will come in handy to keep you company and ensure you're productive during load shedding. It’s one thing for the lights to go off but for the WiFi and the network to also be off … it’s giving GHETTO. You can purchase the Wibox on Takealot and spend the rest of your load shedding days - tweeting, scrolling on social media and getting some work done. ( you can thank us later) 

Invest in a Hand held fan

Are you even a hot girl if you don’t own a hand held fan? Hot girls have hand held fans, we don’t make the rules. The lights are off, your air conditioner or fan are also off- pick one struggle and invest in a hand held fan. You can get the hand held fan from clicks. P.S - the hand held fan is also great for the club.

Download books, movies, series 

YouTube, Netflix, Showmax and most streaming platforms have the option to download series and movies. Turn load shedding into your opportunity to catch up on your favourite series or watch that movie that you’ve been meaning to watch, without feeling guilty. If you’re a book lover, two hours of reading will be amazing. 

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