It's time to get Cozy 🤎

It’s getting a bit nippy in the streets these days and we mean this figuratively and literally. So we have the perfect solution to keep you off the streets. Our Cozy range ☁️

Loungewear has always been grouped with sleepwear so a lot of people have been sleeping on it. Why should I look cute when I’m indoors?, they ask. “Because why not!”, we answer. 

We’re always preaching about looking good for ourselves and how looking good is feeling good ... so let’s put our money where our mouth is. 

Loungewear makes you feel good, look cute and still be comfortable AF. With our Cozy items, you will literally feel like your clothes are hugging you and like you’re wearing the softest blanket ever. 

Shop our 3 piece Cozy bundle sets for only R650 on the short sets and R750 on the pant sets. The sets are available in 4 beautiful colours and the quality is impreccable (if we have to say so ourselves).

Get your Cozy items so that you can leave the streets before they get colder. 

We're just saying, "I don’t need to look cute indoors" is nothing but excuses. Excuses and displaying a lack of style, that's definitely not something we want for our Impreccababes.

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