Tips to succeed financially for the remainder of the year

Babe! We are now close being down to six months until the year ends again and phew! we need to make that cash work for us, talking about saving money and spoiling ourselves.

Here are five tips that you can use that can make your money work for you:

  1. Budget, budget, budget

Your first and most important financial step is to create a detailed budget that create a detailed list of your expenses, needs and wants, that way you will know which money goes where and which money stays.

  1. Build up emergency reserves

We really do not know what life may hold for us, that is why Emergency account can come in handy for unforeseen situations.



  1. Avoid the temptation to splurge

Don’t overspend or take on excessive debt – especially on an asset that will lose its value over time.

  1. Pay debts asap

Excessive debt will stop you reaching your savings potential, budget and save.


  1. Make your money work for you

Invest your money, on unit trusts, starting a side hustle that seems to be working for a lot of young women, if they can do it so can you girl! Start that make up artist part time gig you’ve been procrastinating to start.

Most importantly come shop with us!

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