Hot Girl Tips #2 - How to be smart with your money.

No matter how we try to avoid it, money makes the world go round. We need it but most importantly, we deserve it. If we’re serious about making money this year, we need to develop habits that, not only help us make money but also grows it.

Let’s look at some habits that you can develop - 

  1. Create a Budget : Plan and monitor your coins, a budget will help you do both. Create a budget, so that you can see how much money is coming in and how much is going out. You can download this budget template  .
  2. Spend strategically: Now that you have a budget, follow through with it and spend your money strategically. 
  3. Save : open a savings account or an investment account and start saving. Try and find what works for you but the ultimate tip is - Don’t save what’s left, spend what’s left after saving.
  4. Research ways to make more money and how you can save. All the information we need is normally just a google search away, use it. Google more about money and get comfortable with financial jargon. 

Remember what JayZ said, “ I won’t buy it until I can buy it twice”. Let’s all be in our bags this year. 

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