Hot Girl Tips #3 - How to get the best sleep

Beauty sleep is important for every hot girl. Not getting enough sleep, or not enough good sleep, can affect your skin and overall health. Those bags under your eyes may be Prada but they can be avoided by getting good sleep. 

Limit your caffeine intake closer to bedtime : Drop that coffee, sis. You don’t need all of that caffeine before bed. Also note that green tea also contains caffeine, sooooooo - you might not want to drink that either if you are sensitive to caffeine. 


Switch off all electronic devices an hour before bed : set bedtime mode on your phone so that you can know when it’s time for you to whine down. Try reading a book or any other activity that doesn’t include blue lights before you sleep.


Use a sleep mask or keep your room dark : If you are a light sleeper or someone that gets affected by light during their sleep, this top is for you. Try to block out any light and keep a comfortable, cosy environment where you are going to sleep. 

Use CBD to wind down before bed and help you sleep : instead of taking artificial sleeping tablets or drops, try taking CBD products. You can opt for gummies, brownies, tea or juice ; the options are endless. 

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