SA Podcasts that we think you should listen to TODAY

If you’re a part of the “61% of the South African Major Metro population aged 15 and older"  that listen to podcasts, you’re probably looking for good South African podcasts to listen to. We’re going to share a few SA podcasts that we think are worth the listen and will have you hooked for hours. 

Lesser Known Somebodies is a podcast hosted by Simmi Areff. The comedian has conversations with very interesting guests and the stories will definitely leave you inspired & in a jolly mood. One thing about this podcast that you can be sure of is the jokes WILL FLY, so prepare to laugh.

After school is after school with Sis G.U is an experience. The host Gugulethu Nyatsumba is a friend, sister, parent, therapist and a role model - all in one. This podcast will have you feeling dragged, inspired and capable; all in an episode of less that 40 minutes. Give it a listen and be a part of igenge. 

Netflix Africa’s new podcast, Never late- African Time gives you an opportunity to experience your favourite Netflix Africa stars in a different light and get to know more about them. It’s fun, entertaining and will have you counting down the days till the next episode upload after you finish listening.

Honey I’m home. This podcast may be over but the previous episodes are enough for you to experience the hug that this podcast felt like. Thando has a way of saying the right thing at the right time - you will literally feel like she’s talking directly to you and no one else.

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